Press Release Distribution

How Does PRBuilder Compare?

PRBuilder compared with three of the most popular small business press release distribution services.





Price $99 $700 + $600 + $249 - $499
Journalists 100,000+ undisclosed undisclosed 100,000+
Subscribing Journalists by Industry

prnewswirePR Builder has an exclusive partnership with PR Newswire to distribute press releases through a custom national distribution.

This is not the web-only iReach division of PR Newswire, this is the real newswire used by major corporations.

Associated Press Distribution
Visibility Proof of Distribution Report

animation34secWithin hours of distribution, you receive a Visibility Report showing proof of distribution to various media websites.

Major Search Engines including Google News

PRBuilder and eReleases have the best reach of these four services.
PRBuilder has a lower cost than any of them.