Super discounted access to a real newswire.

PRBuilder is a do-it-yourself press release distribution platform offering super-discounted access to PR Newswire. This is the traditional newswire, not the web-only service.

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What PRBuilder does NOT offer

No writing service

No phone support

No discounts

No rush service

So why would I want to use PRBuilder – What does it have?

PRBuilder has the absolute rock-bottom price for a custom national (US) distribution over PR Newswire – the oldest, largest and most popular (among journalists) newswire of press releases in the country.

We have only one service for sale – the custom national PR Newswire distribution, starting at only $99.

A short (<300 word) press release to general media nationwide – only $99.

A 450 word press release sent to two industry-targeted media categories – only $276.

These distributions would cost $800 – $1,200 at a top-tier traditional newswire. We know that small businesses simply cannot afford such high prices.

So we act as a kind of small business cooperative.  Our newswire partner agrees to this – they concentrate on serving large businesses – at very high cost – and PRBuilder helps small businesses.

PRBuilder was designed with these in mind:

  • Cost-conscious people willing to plan ahead and “DIY” their publicity
  • Savvy PR firms who don’t require fast service or intensive editorial feedback

Anyone who doesn’t need a lot of hand-holding or super speedy service will find that PRBuilder’s service will give them the absolute best return on their investment.

Our costs are so low because –

  • We don’t offer same day distribution.
  • We don’t offer phone support.
  • We provide one-day support by email.

But if you –

  • can wait until the next business day to send your press release
  • don’t have questions requiring quick response from our editors

– then you will find PRBuilder’s value to be unbeatable.

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