Custom National (PR Newswire) Distribution – $99

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  • Nationwide distribution for a 300 word press release – $99.
  • Need more targeted distribution? $59 per industry target.
  • Need more words? $59 per extra block of up to 100 words.
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Don't let the low cost fool you - this is the real deal.

PRBuilder reaches journalists over PR Newswire, the largest and most respected national newswire.

Plus we send directly to journalists who have subscribed to receive news in hundreds of industry-specific topics.

The difference is in the distribution.

This is not a web-only press releaselike the many websites posing as "newswires." This is not a limited regional distribution. Your news is delivered to newsrooms nationwide.

Journalists don't waste time looking for stories on cheap press release sites littered with crummy non-newsworthy content. They get their news from two or three major newswires - and PR Newswire is the #1 newswire of press releases.


National Distribution

Custom US National distribution
by PR Newswire
- the oldest and largest newswire of press releases.

Subscribing Journalists

Your news emailed directly to journalists subscribed to your industry topic.

Partner Media Site Syndication

Your press release guaranteed on at least 100 media sites.